A healthy community is one that engages all its residents, giving them reasons to explore and connect beyond their own four walls. Our Homeowners Associations (HOAs) make this happen.


The yearning for connection is hardwired into humans. Vibrant community spaces offer opportunities for people to socialize with their friends and family as well as engage with people they might not otherwise meet. A strong sense of community makes us feel valued, supported and alive.

This uniquely Brookfield Residential community culture is co-created and maintained in part by our HOAs and the places and spaces they operate. Our HOAs are professionally managed and operated not-for-profit organizations which enhance belonging and elevate the overall quality of life for all residents.

Our HOAs help integrate places and social connectivity to bring the community spirit to life. Most Brookfield Residential communities are home to active community clubhouses or recreation centres that host signature events and create reasons for neighbours to connect through amenities, programming and services. It’s no wonder our residents report being more satisfied than the general population.