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Livingston Homeowners’ Association

There’s More to Your Homeowners' Association

  • Get more with access to programming and events, exclusively priced for residents;
  • Employment and volunteer opportunities within the community help support an increased sense of belonging;
  • Unique and convenient facility rental opportunities will enhance any private event;
  • Connect with nature and neighbours by using the well connected, year-round maintained pathways;
  • A central contact point for community related inquiries ensures residents always stay informed;
  • Community intranets provide the chance to connect with neighbours conveniently;
  • Professionally managed facilities mean less work and more enjoyment for residents;
  • The Livingston HOA connects thousands of neighbours with access to HOA programs, events and facility rentals in other Brookfield Residential communities.

Annual HOA Fees

The annual fee will be approximately $400/year. Homeowners' Association (HOA) fees will be applicable to all homes in Livingston once the HOA building opens in early 2021. Stay up to date with our HOA in Livingston by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and visiting Livingston Connect, the Livingston Homeowners' Association website.

Stay in the Know

Homeowners' Associations keep communities active and engaged

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