From environmental benefits to supporting an active lifestyle, nautilus ponds can bring a lot of added value to a community. Once you understand how many jobs a single water feature can serve, it’s hard to understate their impact.

A common feature in our communities already are the stormwater ponds. These are designed to help with the drainage of rain or snow falling in the neighbourhood, preventing issues like flooding. Always looking to innovate, we’re now exploring adding nautilus ponds. This feature will provide more green space and bring a bevy of other benefits.

Livingston NP2

Environmental Benefits

Designing these nautilus pond spaces almost always includes green space surrounding the water. This can include grass, trees, and other plant life. Making the water feature more aesthetically pleasing brings environmental and sustainable benefits.

More plant life means a reduced carbon footprint and improved air quality. This model of stormwater pond also helps with urban heat issues and improves water quality. And green space also helps see a reduction in energy use because it requires less energy to build and maintain.

Community Member Benefits

While a more environmentally friendly and sustainable community is appealing, there are other direct benefits to residents. In addition to managing waterflow through the community, there are everyday benefits that residents can experience.

The green space around the ponds includes paved trails that connect back into the neighbourhoods. This helps encourage an active lifestyle in for residents. Not to mention the emotional and physical health benefits to being close to nature and water – especially for people working from home.

Plus, having attractive features around the community can add a lot to residents’ property value. Communities with naturalized and green accessible areas nearby tend to be desirable to future homebuyers.

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Sustainable Communities Benefit the Planet

Including nautilus ponds in our communities helps the environment at large – supporting the emotional and physical health of community residents.

The innovations we include in our communities help us work towards being a more sustainable developer and home builder. We’re reducing the impact on our planet while providing countless Albertans with the best places they can call home.