Livingston prides itself in being an open and welcoming community. After all, the community’s slogan is “Coming Together.” And we know that communities are at their most vibrant when people from all walks of life can come together – this includes all different stages of life from newborn to golden years.

For every senior enjoying the fruits of their golden years, there are people who are facing their later years alone and without any of the resources for their quality of life. Affording rent, groceries, medications, and other basic necessities can be near impossible for people living on government pensions alone – especially if they’re without a spouse or partner.

That’s why we are so excited that Silvera for Seniors is beginning construction on a brand-new affordable seniors housing project in the community of Livingston. Already named Livingston Terrace, this modular independent living apartment will provide homes for 42 low-income seniors, with the possibility of a second phase adding another 21 units.

Livingston LT1

A Community can Benefit from Affordable Seniors Housing

Welcoming Silvera for Seniors to the community has its social benefits: knowing that a vulnerable and oftentimes forgotten populations have somewhere safe and affordable to live is something any community member can feel good about. But that benefit trickles out far beyond simply feeling good.

Older Canadians by and large tend to be more heavily and directly invested in their communities. It wouldn’t be an overgeneralization to point out seniors tend to volunteer more in their communities, are more willing to support local and neighbourhood businesses, and take the initiative to upkeep and beautify their homes.

Silvera for Seniors also currently employs more than 400 Calgarians throughout its 26 properties and headquarters. Introducing Livingston Terrace to the neighbourhood opens opportunities for employment from entry level to management.

Livingston LT5

Calgary’s need for affordable seniors housing

The need for affordable housing across the city isn’t a new phenomenon. But oftentimes, seniors are a population that gets missed or forgotten. Our province’s longstanding affordable seniors housing organizations like Silvera for Seniors works to ensure this population isn’t left behind.

Welcoming an affordable seniors apartment into the community brings a lot of benefits to both older Calgarians struggling to find somewhere affordable to live and the residents already living in the neighbourhood. It can help further improve the health of an already thriving community. Everyone deserves an affordable place to call home and we’re happy that so many seniors will be able to call Livingston their new community.