Every community has hidden gems; for the community of Livingston it’s the newly built, temporary pump track.

A pump track is a rolling track with jumps for all types of bikes. For those new to pump tracks or want to take it a little slower the Livingston track includes a smaller track for beginners to understand and learn the concept of how to pump a bike and get up and over the berms. There is also a bigger track for more experienced riders that includes larger pump features, which allows for more speed and additional berms.

“The vision behind the track was to make sure there was an opportunity for participants of all levels to come out and enjoy it.” Nolan Frese, Livingston’s Development Manager said.

The multilevel amenity is perfect for a family outing on a sunny day or some intense competition in the midst of a winter chinook. The Livingston pump track provides entertainment for the community on various fronts, from learning how to navigate a pump track to attempting the jumps.

Visitors from outside the community of Livingston are welcome to join in on the fun and take a day trip to check it out. This year-round attraction is sure to keep everyone in the family active.

In the midst of building the community’s Home Owners Association (HOA), the pump track is a fun way to get the community out and connect residents. The pump track was initially an exciting way to create community connections and get people out and active, but now it has become so much more. The pump track has fit into Livingston’s community perfectly, complimenting the other amenities and parks.

“We have seen incredible use of the pump track throughout summer,” says Nolan. “It is busy almost all day long, every day, which led us to believe that we should start looking into a space to build a permanent pump track to live within the community.” In addition to long term plans for the pump track, the HOA team is looking into engagement programming and pump track lessons in the coming year.

Through the process of creating Livingston, the community has been driven by building a space for everyone by actively engaging residents in the design of the community.

“We want them to have a voice and we want them to feel connected. We wanted to create a community residents can truly call home. By creating amenities such as the pump track and garnering public feedback, we can do that,” says Nolan.

In a diverse community, the pump track has been a general meeting ground for everyone, providing a space to connect and unwind. Once the HOA and other amenities continue to open, Nolan is sure that residents will feel the same. “We want to make sure that we are helping neighbours become friends, and helping people feel that Livingston is a place they can call home.”

Next time you are looking for the perfect weekend activity, take a ride on the Livingston pump track!